About Us

Valent Skin was founded in 2019. Started off with only few brands under us. It is now managed by Valent Group Sdn. Bhd.

Having customers that kept on asking our guidance to suggest good skincare products to them, it was in need to gather more good local and international products under one roof.

Valent means brave and fearless in Catalan and skin means beauty products that Valent Skin currently having under our roof. Valent Skin wants everyone to be fearless and brave to show their natural skin.

Right now, Valent Skin has over 60 brands in store. Each of the product that is available at Valent Skin will be tested by our team first so our reviews are genuine for our customer. Valent Skin is determine to create a welcoming skincare & beauty shopping experience through physical & online platforms.

Valent Skin was founded by Farah Iliana Fadzil, an Oxford Brooke University law school graduate which later on pursuit her dream in skincare and beauty world. Her mission to bring Valent Skin internationally as one of the most trusted and reliable beauty platforms that gathers both international and local brands.

Valent Skin was co-founded by Hafizzudin Mohd Noor, an engineering school graduate has the same vision of bringing Valent Skin to a bigger audience. Hafizzudin believes that having physical store would give a better buying experience to customer. Valent Skin is in the process of branching out to other Malaysia states and to add more brands in our collection. We are also making our way up to be one of the remarkable names in the beauty industry.

In 2022, Valent Skin launched it’s own brand and product under Valent Skin Collection.

When Skin Meets Beauty