3W Clinic is a popular Korean brand, well-known in Korea, Japan and overseas. The company has been on the market for more than 30 years, and it was previously called Dodo Company Ltd. It became famous for its Natural Makeup Powder, that’s used by professional backstage makeup artists and kpop stars. This powder was so good, it quickly became the most popular loose powder in Japan and Hong Kong. It’s been continuously produced and sold from 2009!

Nowadays, 3W Clinic is one of the top Asian brands and successfully competes with premium European products! It’s a combination of Eastern medicine traditions and modern scientific knowledge. 3W Clinic magic features unique components, such as snail mucus, collagen, and placenta. They work through the deep layers of skin and activate the natural renewal processes on the cellular level.

3W products have already received adoring feedback from all over the world. Join the thousands of their fans too!

3W Clinic

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