Body Acne

Body Acne

We know that some of us are struggling with body acnes so here’s some simple ways to get rid of it ✨

1. First guna body wash that contain AHA BHA as ingredients. If you baru nak start with AHA BHA limit your usage for few day untill your skin dah biasa with it. ✨

2. Use body scrub yang ada acne fighting agent like Benzoyl Peroxide, this will help to remove dead skill cells that block the pores.

3. Finally, if you feel sweaty change your clothes immediately because the bacteria thrive on sweaty skin causing you to have acne. Change your clothes regularly!

Here’s some products suggestions that are available at Valent Skin.

1. Temyracle Brightening Body Scrub  RM30/430g

2. Temyracle The Original Coffee Scrub  RM30/20g

3. Yello Skincare OTMS  RM39/200ml

4. Wawawax Body Scrub Floral Essence RM29/200g

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