Attention Oily Skin

Attention Oily Skin

Are you having trouble dealing with your oily skin type?

Its very understandable because oily skin is not something we choose to have, we are born with it.

Few problems that people with oily skin encounters is once there’s so much excess oil on skin it will cause your pores to enlarge❗️

Next its also encourage the existence of blackhead and whitehead❗️

But fret not there are few solutions you can do to reduce the effect of oily skin.

1. Avoid using drying ingredients like denatured alcohol because once your skin detect your skin is dry, it will produce more oil to compensate the loss.

Avoid products that contain tingling ingredients like mint or eucalyptus too cause this will upset your skin and damage your skin barrier.

2. Stop using products with pore-clogging or emollient ingredients like SLS, coconut oil or Lanolin because these will cause your pores to clog and risk the production of acnes❗️

3. Keep your products lightweight, liquid and fast absorb. As example, for moisturiser choose a feather light gel type like Yuja Nicinamide Brightening Moisturiser✨

Remember choose your products wisely 😉

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